hd partition: you need a third party software to resize your existing partitions without the need to perform a full backup/restore (iPartition, VolumeWorks), but they are not for free :-( If you’ve access to an external hd with enough free space on it, you can boot from an mac os install cd and make an image of your boot volume (be sure to verify that the files on the disk image are accessible before you repartition your hd) and restore it onto the newly created volume.

text editor: there are so many gui-text-editors out there, one of it should fit your needs, right? (eg, TextMate, BBEdit, Smultron, SubEthaEdit, XCode). Especially TextMade and Xcode are very good editors for programming, both do code-completion and both are supporting templates. I’ve used Xcode for several years now and I’m pretty satisfied with it, but I have to admit it lacks some kick-ass features offered by TextMate. If you dive into Django give TextMate a try if you didn’t already ;-)