I read The Pleasure Trap earlier this year, and was amazed at what its authors have to say about the dangers of modern food. It’s very hard to avoid unhealthy food. I wanted to get to know the authors a bit better so I searched YouTube and found this excellent hour-long video about the Dietary Pleasure Trap. It’s worth a watch if you’d like to eat better, help someone you know to eat better, or just understand why so many people are overweight. The book goes into it much more deeply and in my opinion is well worth the time it takes to read.

Avoid describing your code as automatically doing something. If you need to do multiple things at once, separate it out into a convenience function or method. Finally, make it easy to call each step explicitly. Please don’t put the orchestration code, that calls code that interacts with the outside world, into a constructor. This makes the code less flexible and harder to test. Instead, use the constructor to set up the internal state.