Actions I might find in an ideal micropost reading tool:

  • skip: some things should just be removed from my stream. there are valid reasons not to unfollow someone despite not wanting to read their content. I should also be able to silence things based on content.
  • sift: my massive feed should have a way for me to type what I’m interested in at the moment, and see items (posts, microposts, commits) about it.
  • skim: there should be a smaller feed of stuff I want to have a chance to read, that I can quickly scroll through.
  • read: some things I actually want to read. this should be smaller still.
  • reply: unlike the above, these will have to be ticked off one by one.
  • act: I feel I don’t act on what I read often enough. When someone I follow writes a nifty new library I should actually install it and try it out, and offer feedback.

Finally, catching up on items from my streams should feel like work more often. Using some of these networks directly is biased towards goofing off.