Today I went to a picnic in Cupertino to raise money for medical aid in Ukraine and ate some delicious Ukrainian food. On my way I saw this CodeNinjas storefront. It’s a place that has workshops that teach kids how to code, how to play sophisticated games like Roblox, and how to “Be A YouTuber”, among other things. I was near the new Apple campus but didn’t go there this time. I think I’ll go on a weekday.

On my walk to BART I flipped a coin that’s older than me to decide whether to get enchiladas in 10 minutes or 45 minutes – before or after my BART commute. Heads here, tails there. Before my BART commute it is!

This ad for has startled me a couple of times because I thought for a split second that I was standing close to someone but it’s just a roughly life-size photo of someone.

It’s for which is relevant to my interests. I’ve been to St. Louis and across the river in Belleville, IL, but haven’t been to Chicago yet. I want to go there soon but there are many other places I’d like to visit. This ad has been here for about a month. I remember when I saw it for the first time. It’s on dozens of surfaces in the station.