1. Limit your number of tweets per day to a certain number. Use them wisely.
  2. If you get close to the limit, start saving tweets for future days.
  3. If you want to say more online, find interesting blog posts and leave insightful comments. Comments that require work outside of composing the comment tend to be insightful.
  4. Exceptions should be exceptional.

Backstory: I’ve lost readers (sounds less narcissistic than “followers”) by tweeting too often. I’ve changed how I’ve tweeted since I read Gwen Bell’s twitter bio, which used to say that she was limiting her number of tweets to a certain number per day. Sometimes I still have been tweeting too often, though. As I started blogging more regularly, the idea to switch from tweeting to leaving comments on blogs came to me.)

2 thoughts on “A plan for twitter

  1. How funny that writing this blog post caused an automatic tweet to occur! ;)

    I think i probably tweet too much, but i don't really care. I've never kept track of my follower count. Lots of random people follow me for reasons i will never fathom!

  2. I sent that tweet out manually. It looks like an automated tweet, though. :) I like to post small tweets sometimes. I think they're easier for people who aren't interested to skim past.

    My current limit is not very low. I've posted more than twenty tweets in a single day on many occasions. One way or another, that loses readers. (With lists and checking individual profiles, I pay more attention to some people I follow than others.)

    There are many schools of thought on twitter, and many reasons to use twitter. I'm trying to use my account to get more involved in open source. There are so many people and projects in open source that I can't keep track of anywhere near as much information as I'd like. I'm sure others feel the same way.

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