I’ve always had the type of job where I’m given a set of responsibilities and some tasks. Many of these tasks are things that have a quick-and-dirty way of doing it, and could be expanded to just about anything.

Clients haven’t always been the best at communicating which tasks are most important. Often, I don’t think they know which are most important.

Sometimes, I have a hard time focusing. That’s why I’m trying a new strategy.

I’m going to try doing many of the tasks in a quick-and-dirty way and see what my clients ask me to improve. Just like a blogger or a twitterer might put out a bunch of posts, and if they get positive feedback, try doing similar posts to engage and expand their audience, I’m going to try doing a bunch of little projects to see what I get the most positive feedback from.

Now, like a blog/twitter audience, clients can be fickle, and lose interest in something they seemed really interested in, so I have to always be adjusting to demand, just like a successful blogger.

The information that helped gel this idea was in a marketing video by Giles Bowkett where he introduced the concept of Test-Driven Decision Making. That’s the concept I’m using here.