This isn’t my only goal for 2012, but it’s the only goal from my only set of goals for 2012 which contains only one goal.

My goal is to, each night before I go to bed, prepare for the next morning. This means having a default choice of what to wear, knowing what I need to pack and where I’m first going to go, and a draft of a schedule and to-do list for the day.

My inspiration for this comes from a few different sources:

This matters most to me because I feel that my best self can figure out all of the other stuff, but if I don’t start my mornings off right, I’m unlikely to be my best self.

2 thoughts on “One Goal For 2012

  1. How’s this working out for you thus far, specifically Time Management for SAs?
    I’m attempting to improve my productivity and I’m looking for simple solutions to slowly work in.

    I’m trying.

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