The Startup School is excellent. About two thirds of the talks have been given, including talks by Paul Graham and Steve Wozniak.

Paul Graham had another interesting mathematical observation that nobody else ever seems to come up with. He said that there is an even smaller percentage of female software company founders than there are females in the computer field. He explained that this is because people generally hang out with people of the same sex, and so the minority is reduced to an even smaller minority when we’re talking about partners. Then he tied it together with a joke: “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by math”.

Steve Wozniak’s talk was amazing. He talked about starting Apple, and the goal of creating a complete computer system.

Michael Mandel, Chief Economist of BusinessWeek, said that he expects a boom right now, because of people like us, who are starting companies.

I asked a question at the end of the talk and used the word “lifestyle”, which for me meant whether people do things online or have to talk to people on the phone, working hours, etc. Almost everyone burst into laughter after my question. I think it’s because they heard the word “lifestyle” and thought of “alternative lifestyles”. Should have known. I hope I’m not visible in the video!

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  1. Ben,

    It was great meeting you man… I had a good time hanging out..

    I also liked your question a lot, and remember thinking that most people didn’t get the real implications of it. So it is a very valid question and I believe our lives are going to be completely different very soon.

    Feel free to shoot me an email whenever and also to show me some projects or something.



  2. Hi Ben Atkin.

    Now I’m assimilating all the things I saw and heard in Boston. I will try to compile all the photos and stories from people who was there. :)

    I am going to blog all my wrote thoughts in

    It is really difficult to find people as Woz, but remember that was his work with Jobs what result in the start of Apple.

    All of us are technical people, but we need a crazy/hyperactive/non-standard partner to build something really great.

    How may projects has fallen because the lack of someone with this skills? I don’t know but I suspect that they are many.

  3. Jose,

    Yeah, Steve Jobs definitely played a huge role in Apple. But it’s not the only way to start a business. Other companies have had some very technical people who are in charge of strategy as well. Wolfram Research is a good example of this.

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